Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning in East London and South East London

At Goldfish Window Cleaners, we handle a wide range of jobs including gutter cleaning, window cleaning, conservatory cleaning and more. For more information on the services we provide, get in touch with us on 07809 774 220.

Gutter cleaning service

Are you looking for an efficient gutter cleaning service in East London and South East London? Goldfish Window Cleaners can clean your gutters using a gutter sucker, which is a high powered vacuum that sucks yours gutters clean from all debris and leaves. This ensures that all the debris ends up in the vacuum, leaving absolutely no mess on the floor.

We can clean gutters up to the 4th floor using lightweight carbon tubing with various attachments so we can deal with a variety of blockages.

Gutter cleaning
gutter cleaning experts

Prices for our gutter cleaning services:

•  Terraced house (Front and back) at £40
•  Semi-detached house (Front, back and sides) at £60
•  Detached house (All round) at £80
•  Town house at £85
For expert gutter cleaning services in East London and South East London, call Goldfish Window Cleaners today on 07809 774 220.
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